Asia is the largest and most populated continent in the world, a true cultural patchwork, so painting its portrait is a challenge. However, my trips there made a strong impression on me, filled with evocative smells and colours, which I was able to transpose into my art.

The Asia collection revisits the small tightly-woven pixels of the India series. The centre of the works symbolizes the condensed, overpopulated city centres and the sensory saturation they generate.

The empty space on the edge of each of these paintings differentiates them from those of the India series. This sacred space, if such a thing exists, symbolizes the spiritual side of Asia, a true refuge for the soul in a world effervescent with possibility. In the works this emptiness creates detachment from the overloaded centre and recalls a meditative state of mind.

Asia is one of my biggest collections. It has also been the most successful with the public. I will gradually add other unique works to this series, which I hope will be infinite.

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