Family Tree

My father worked with wood all his life; as a carpenter and as a forestry worker in Canada and the United States. Back then, many men went into the woods each fall to support their families and explore the world.

This portrait of a rough but fulfilling life inspired me to create a collection in honour of my ancestors. That’s how Family Tree was born.

The works in this series are painted on wood, a natural, living material that that was the obvious choice for the illustration of this family connection. Each pixel represents a member of the lineage, and each painting, defined by the colours and arrangement of the parts, forms a fragment of genealogy.

These works are also distinguished by their uneven edges, from which one or two pixels, symbolizing continuity in time and space, sometimes escape.

So far, Family Tree includes over 50 works, each one unique. I will gradually add others to this series, which I hope will be infinite.

Photo gallery