Travel inspiration

The artist illustrates in this superb video how travel inspires him in his creation.
Video : Inspirations

Barcelone | December 2022
Costa Rica
United States – Burning Man | 2018

Public events

Nuit des galeries | 2022

A short video and some photos on the live performance of the artist during this colorful event.

Vidéo : Nuit des galeries
Photos : Nuit des galeries 2022

Fragments Exposition at Galerie Beauchamp | November 30 to December 10, 2022

Vidéo : Fragments

Exposition at Whistler Contemporary Gallery | August 7. 2022
Sans limites Exposition at MACBSP | 2020

Documentary on the realization of the exhibition : Pépin sans limites
Photos gallery : Préparation de l’exposition

Nuit des galeries | 2018

A short video and blog post on the artist’s live performance at this magical event.

Video : Nuit des galeries
Blog post with photos : Nuit des galeries 2018

Artistic approach

In action

Photos gallery : L’artiste au travail

Inspiration for the Tondo

The tondo is a circular shaped board traditionally used for low relief carving.

Video : Inspiration pour les Tondo
Photos gallery : Tondo

Wood production process

Many of the artist’s works are painted on carefully prepared wood at the factory.

Video : Processus de production à l’usine

Media coverage

L’écho de Frontenac, article Vous connaissez Pépin?, juin 2019